Special Breeds

KWPN | Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands

The KWPN is the Dutch breeding organization for jumping and dressage horses, harness horses and Gelder horses. The KWPN has over 28,000 members in the Netherlands. Performance, durability and appealing conformation are the most important factors on which the international success of the Dutch warmblood horse is based.

A rigorous selection system and continuous evaluation of breeding stock, as well as a high-tech research, statistical, and records department bring the latest developments in science and technology to bear on the improvement of the Dutch horses. In addition, the long horse-breeding history and agricultural heritage of the Dutch, bring generations of nearly in-born expertise to the production of top quality Dutch horses. The main tools in the ongoing evolution and improvement of the Dutch horse are the Keurings, or inspections which are held in the Netherlands and in North America every year, at which horses are evaluated and rewarded according to their quality and fulfillment of the Breeding Goal. This system includes a very rigorous selection and testing system for breeding stallions – one of the most selective and rigorous in the world.

The Dutch Warmblood is a very versatile horse. It excels in top level competion, in dressage, show-jumping, eventing and even carriage driving. The Gelderlander type is also popular as a light draft horse. The calm, even temperament makes them easy to work with and they are willing to turn a hoof, so to speak, to just about anything.

If you scan the leader boards at any national or international competition, you are sure to find that there are many Dutch Warmbloods on the list.

For more information on the KWPN please visit http://www.kwpn.nl/

  • Expressive and sporty exterior
  • Trustworthy
  • Willingness to work


The Friesian horse is the only horse breed native to the Netherlands,
where the Friesian has been known since as far back as the 13th century. A consistent breeding policy has produced the Friesian horse we are familiar with today, exhibiting the unique characteristics of the breed and continuing to bear close resemblance to its ancestors.

Typical of these Black Pearls are the front, the majestic mane and feathering of the lower legs, the jet black colour and the spacious, powerful elevated gaits. The harmonious build and the noble head, set on a lightly arched neck, complete the aristocratic and fiery appearance. Its amicable character is the key to a great utility breed.

For more information om the Friesian breed please visit: http://www.kfps.nl/

  • Fantastic exterior
  • Beautiful mane
  • Amazing trot